Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Home Inspection FAQs

Here's a list of frequently asked questions regarding home inspections and what home owners/buyers need to know before the process begins:

What do home inspectors do?

Home inspectors visually inspect the condition of the house - including its structure, plumbing, HVAC components, electrical components, foundation, garage - and provide a report on what they observed.

Can home inspectors predict future life or wear & tear of any component of the house?

Inspectors observe and report on the condition of the house, during the period of the inspection. They cannot predict the future life or life expectancy of any component of the house. They identify, observe and report on the major, minor and cosmetic defects in the house.

Why can't home inspectors predict life expectancy of the components?

Every aspect of the house is subject to wear and tear. The rate of wear and tear of the components are subject to multiple variables, including but not limited to type of usage, weather conditions. A home inspection is a visual inspection that aims to report on the observed condition of the various components. If a major defect is found, a home inspector will suggest the situation be remedied using a specialist.

Should home owners be available during the inspection?

It is recommended that home owners be a part of the inspection process. The home inspection exercise is aimed at two objectives: to visually inspect and report on the condition of the home and help home owners better understand their dwelling.

How do I know if a home inspector is qualified to do the inspection?

Home inspection is not a regulated profession in Ontario. Therefore, it's imperative that you ensure that your home inspector is qualified to take on the role. Ask your home inspector if they are certified and check their credentials online.

How long does a home inspection take?

On an average, a single residential property takes about 2-3 hours. Once the inspection is done, the home inspector is required to send the observation in the form of a report, which is usually sent to the clients on the same day.